Dermalux LED Light Therapy in Kent

LED light therapy treatment

The Answer to Radiant Skin

Explore the remarkable results that can be achieved with Dermalux LED Light Therapy – a fusion of science and beauty that rejuvenates your skin. This non-invasive treatment utilises the power of LED light to improve your skin’s radiance and vitality, leaving you with a more youthful complexion.

The Power of Dermalux Face Treatments

Our Dermalux Face Treatment employs cutting-edge LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology to revitalise your skin’s appearance. By exposing your skin to targeted LED light, we address various skincare concerns with precision:

Red Light: By stimulating collagen production, this red light minimises fine lines and wrinkles, restoring your skin’s natural vibrancy.

Blue Light: Address acne concerns as blue light eliminates acne-causing bacteria, leaving you with clearer, healthier skin.

Near-Infrared Light: Penetrating deep within, near-infrared light promotes skin healing and reduces redness, providing relief for sensitive or irritated skin.

Tailored Treatments Just For You

LED Light Therapy Kent

Our Dermalux Flex LED Phototherapy treatments are adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of skin types and concerns, including acne, signs of ageing, and issues related to pigmentation. This gentle and non-invasive treatment consistently delivers positive results in both skin tone and texture over time. A series of 8-12 treatments is typically recommended for achieving noticeable results.

The Science Behind It

Dermalux LED Light therapy activates your skin’s photoreceptors, allowing skin cells to absorb light energy. This stimulation activates cell biochemical circulation and collagen production, reinvigorating your skin’s vitality and accelerating regeneration and repair.

Enjoy the Benefits of Dermalux

As your skin absorbs the healing light, it encourages cell regeneration, soothes irritation, and revives your skin’s natural radiance. Each treatment lasts up to 30 minutes, with no downtime.

Dermalux Cost:

£30 Per 30 Minute Session

£20 Add-on Service to your favourite facial.

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Dear Julie and lovely staff,

Thank you for your great care and attention with all of my facial treatments and especially trialling the new LED Light Therapy treatment.

I really enjoyed the warm feeling on my skin and observing the difference in skin tone and fine lines after just one session. I have found this treatment particularly helpful as I have nerve damage and therefore the regular, more invasive, and “hands on” treatments are often not an option for me as they cause me pain.

It is great to find that you now have a new method of helping to boost collagen that suits my sensitive skin.

Thank you.

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