Infralight Cool Laser Treatments in Kent

Lipolysis is a painless, effortless process that can successfully target fat and cellulite in problem areas such as: Thighs, Buttocks, Abdomen, Knees and Arms.

The fat in the cells are broken down and then consumed by stimulated muscular contractions resulting in visible reduction.

The Infralight is an innovative piece of technology which combines two of the most effective therapies in the treatment of cellulite and body re-shaping.

The stunning results and proven efficiency of this unit are the result of the simultaneous use of electro-lipolysis and chromo therapy (infra light).

The key to the fantastic results achieved is a special microprocessor which is able to direct the thermal energy to the areas affected by fatty tissues or cellulite.

By aiming the light directly to the fatty tissue the infra-red radiation encourages a biological response which in turn leads to a recovery in the cell function and a consequent improvement in the micro-circulation.

When combined with the electro-stimulation the results are stunning.

  • Inch Loss
  • Fat Reduction
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Toning Treatment
  • Lymphatic Drainage

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