Plasma Fibroblast Facial Kent

Plasma Skin Tightening Facial at The Skincare Centre, Sittingbourne

Introducing our rejuvenating Plasma Fibroblast facials at the Skincare Centre  – a non-surgical solution that uses plasma to reduce excess skin volume and enhance facial skin tightness. It’s an effective way to attain a more youthful appearance without the inconvenience and expense of surgery.

Plasma Skin Tightening, No Surgery Required!

During a Plasma Fibroblast treatment (also known as Plasma Skin Tightening), small sparks of plasma work their magic on your skin’s surface. This prompts the skin to contract, resulting in a tightening effect while also stimulating collagen production. Results are visible immediately and continue to improve in the weeks post-treatment.

Plasma Fibroblast facials are versatile and can address various skin concerns, including fine lines, crow’s feet, sagging eyelids, loose skin on the neck and jawline, and even stretch marks.

What to Expect

Generally, your Plasma Fibroblast session will be between 30-45 minutes in duration, with results lasting up to 3 years. Some redness and swelling may occur temporarily after treatment, but this is part of the process and should diminish within a few days.

Post Treatment Care

After your treatment, the crusts that form should not be touched for 6-7 days. Avoid applying moisturiser until these crusts have fallen off, and avoid all direct sources of heat, such as the sun, sunbeds, and saunas, for 4 weeks. You may require a follow-up treatment 6-10 weeks later, depending on the severity of the area being treated.

If you’re seeking a smoother, more youthful complexion without surgical intervention, a Plasma Fibroblast facial offers a great solution. Get in touch to schedule your appointment today.

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