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Specialist Procedures – Overview

We have a group of vetted, fully insured professionals who regularly hold clinics for us at the salon to perform a variety of specialist procedures.

Whether you want to smooth out those lines and wrinkles or have your make up applied semi permanently we are here to help.

Semi – Permanent Make-Up in Kent

The Artists

Tily-Rae has been trained by Helen Porter and designs the most beautiful enhancements.

Her goal is to produce flawless make-up that enhances her clients natural features resulting in beautiful make-up 24/7.

Please Note
A top up is needed 4 weeks after the initial treatment to ensure that you get the best results and life from your make-up.

Pricing for Paramedical procedures will be offered following consultation.

New | Scalp tattooing. Please call 01227 764633 for more information

Semi – Permanent Make-up Examples

Pricing | 2017

  • Ombre brows | £265
  • Hairstroke eyebrows | £265
  • Powder brows | £265
  • Lash line enhancement | £265
  • Lip line | £245
  • Full lip | £265
  • 4-6 week top up | £75
  • 6 month top up | £75
  • 12 month top up | £115
  • 18 month top up | £145

Please click on this link to see a video of eyebrow makeup being performed by Tily



Dr Ken Aylward BDS (Lond) LDS RCS (Eng) holds regular Clinics at our Sittingbourne Salon.

Dr Ken Aylward has been accredited for over 30 years and has been holding busy aesthetic clinics in Kent & Sussex for the past 9 years plus running his own busy practice in Dover. Dr Ken is constantly training in new techniques and products to make sure he is offering the very latest in the  cosmetic industry.  He  has been performing thread lifts for over a year.

For more information on the procedures available please click on this link   [ https://sedgemeadhousedental.com/ ]




Wrinkle Reduction / Line RelaxersTo relax lines and stop wrinkle formation

  • 1 area    – £140
  • 2 areas – £220
  • 3 areas – £300
  • 4 areas – £350

Dermal Fillers and Contouring

  • Linesaround the nose and mouth        £300 (1ml)
  • Cheek Enhancement                               £310 (1ml)  £620 (2ml)
  • Lip Enhancement                                    £180 (1/2 ml)  £ £330 (1ml)
  • Tear trough augmentation                     £360 (1ml)


For treatment of excessive underarm sweating

  • £400

Stop Hairloss with Mesiotherapy

6 treatments with 7-14 days between. Then  2-3 monthly

per treatment £110.00

Tattoo Removal in Kent

We provide an innovative and honest approach to tattoo removal in Kent, whereby the process shouldn’t be overly complicated, time consuming or expensive. We can fully remove a tattoo, or can fade it, so a re-tattoo becomes plausible.

We offer free consultations for Tattoo removal in Kent.

These images are before & after one session, one week later.

  • tattoo_10s

  • tattoo_003s
  • These pictures are after the first and second laser sessions

  • vincent zegna 3
  • IMG_1300
  • Call us now on 01795 420 152 to book your free consultation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does tattoo removal by laser work?
    Laser energy in the form of a high powered beam of light is directed at the tattooed area for a fraction of a second. The light beam passes through the outer layers of skin and is absorbed by the ink particles present in the tattoo. This process breaks down the ink particles, enabling your body over the next few weeks to absorb and naturally disperse them.

    How many treatments will it take?
    Every tattoo is different and the number of treatments necessary will depend on the age, density, colour and type of ink. However, with our world leading laser technology, we have absolute confidence that we will be able to remove any given tattoo in the least possible number of treatments.

    Why should I wait 4-6 weeks for my next appointment?
    It is important to allow enough time for your body’s immune system to absorb and disperse the ink particles broken down by the laser energy. If you do not allow 4-6 weeks between treatments, you are not allowing this process to complete and simply wasting your money. At  the Clinic we always ensure that our clients receive the most cost effective treatment.

    Can all colours be removed?
    Between our two systems we can remove all colours of ink. When you come to your free consultation we will give a full appraisal.

    Can anyone have a tattoo removed?
    As long as you are over eighteen years old and are suitably medically fit, then you can have your tattoo removed.

    Does the process leave a scar?
    There is always a slim chance of scarring but its very rare.

    Does the process hurt?
    The general consensus is that it is no more painful than being tattooed.

    Can I remove part of my tattoo?
    Yes you can. Our advanced laser technology allows us to accurately target areas of a tattoo that need to be removed without affecting the remaining image.

    Can you fade down a tattoo enabling me to have a new tattoo in its place?
    We have a lot of clients requesting ‘fade downs’. The process is the same as for removals, though requiring fewer treatments. Our powerful lasers ensure that fade downs can be completed in the minimum number of treatments saving our clients time and money.


    For anywhere on the face or body.


    The term ‘Cryotherapy’ literally means ‘treatment using low temperature’, and refers to the removal of some skin lesions by freezing them. The cold liquid gas destroys the cells by crystallizing the cytosol, which is the liquid found inside cells.

    Warts & verrucas, skin tags, small fleshy growths and similar small ‘lumps and bumps’ on the skin can be treated this way.


    jg pigmentation before (3) FullSizeRender (2)

    Pigmentation removal. Images before and after one session of Cryopen (8 weeks later)


    John Davison | MBChB, MSc, FRCSEd(Plast), Plastic Surgeon

    John is a fully trained and accredited consultant plastic surgeon and is on the specialist register. He runs a busy and successful plastic and cosmetic surgery practice throughout East Kent, being based mainly in Canterbury. John studied medicine in Cape Town, South Africa. He did his surgical and plastic surgery training mainly in the Pan Thames London Teaching Hospitals. He worked previously as a Consultant Surgeon at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, but now works only in private practice. John attends regular worldwide meetings and congresses. He is a member of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon (BAPRAS) and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS).

    A well informed patient, with the right surgical plan and the highest level of surgical care is, he believes, the key to a successful outcome.

    He offers the full range of services of a modern cosmetic surgical practice. Your consultation is always with Mr Davison, not a nurse, advisor or a salesperson. He is independent and is not employed by any particular hospital or group. There is no selling pressure at all.

    If you are looking for information on, or are considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, we would encourage you to arrange an appointment to see John. He will aim to provide you with all of the information and knowledge you need to help make a decision about whether surgery may be right for you.

    All surgery is carried out locally, at either the BMI Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury, or the Spire St Saviours Hospital in Hythe.

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