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The Pros

Many people still turn to shaving when it comes to hair removal but there are several reasons why waxing is much better for you.

Saving you time, caring for sensitive skin and for safety! We take a look at some of the reasons to wax instead of shave.

You can’t cut yourself

According to a survey carried out by Jama Dermatology a quarter of people who shave their intimate areas, injure themselves in the process. That’s quite a few! Not only is it particularly painful when you snick sensitive skin under but you are also susceptible to infection – especially if you re-use your blades.

It will last a whole lot longer

It only takes a few days after shaving for the area to start feeling prickly with hair re-growth. If you wax instead, you could be as smooth as a baby’s bottom for almost three weeks. When life is busy, making time every couple of days to shave as part of your beauty regime can be difficult. Waxing pulls the hair out from its root so it has to completely re-grow, giving you weeks of that smooth silky feeling.

The hair will grow back thinner

Many waxing clients report that after regular waxing, hair begins to grow back thinner and sometimes lighter. If you shave, you will be breaking the hair off at the thickest part of the follicle causing it to grow back and appear thicker.

It won’t always hurt as much as the first time

There’s no avoiding it, waxing can hurt, especially if it is your first time but by having it done by a professional using a quality wax, will keep the pain to a minimum. It also depends on the person and often, the time of day can affect the sensitivity of your skin. A professional will prepare the skin and cool red or sore skin following the treatment. Many quality waxes are also developed with micro-circulation technology, which means it sets around the hair rather than pulling on the skin.

A smoother finish

How often do you shave but when you run your hands over the area, you can still feel a slightly prickly stubble? Annoying, isn’t it! As mentioned before, pre wax products will soften the skin before hair removal and a quality wax will pull the hair right out leaving no stubble.

Waxing saves you time

Standing in the shower, getting into awkward positions and finding the right angles to get to all the difficult-to-reach areas can take time and more often than not, you will probably miss a few spots. Save yourself the time and hassle by letting a professional carry out a fast and efficient treatment. You will also be confident that you are hair free and won’t have to worry in  case you have missed areas with the razor.

Better for sensitive skin

If you suffer from a skin condition, shaving can aggravate any issues, particularly if you find yourself shaving every day or two. Dragging a razor over your skin can lead to sore and red rashes and uncomfortable irritation. As we mentioned before, waxing allows you to choose hypo-allergenic waxes and added ingredients with moisturising properties.

Ingrown hairs are less likely

While ingrown hairs can be a common complaint with waxing, they will be far less likely than when you shave. This is because waxing removes the whole hair right down to the root, when it grows back it is thinner and tapered so it is less likely to get trapped under the skin. When you shave, the hair is cut in the middle of the follicle, so it grows back with a blunt end and can cause the hair to get stuck under the skin.

Helps to exfoliate your skin

When wax is pulled off your skin, it also removes any dead skin cells that come to the surface. Dead skin cells can lead to a collection of dirt and oils and leave you with clogged up pores. When the bad stuff is removed by the wax, it will leave your skin feeling healthy and will help prevent skin conditions.

A better finish

Whether it is for you or for someone else’s benefit, waxing will leave your skin looking fresh and spotless. There are many different ways to wax intimate areas and it all depends on what your preference is.  You could choose from a Brazilian, Hollywood or Playboy or just a tidy up.

Common waxing myths

Myth: Shaving will make the hair grow back thicker and faster

False. Contrary to popular belief this is not, in fact, the case. Waxing progressively weakens the follicle. This means the more waxing appointments, the finer and sparser hair will grow. This is also false with regards to shaving; the hair may appear coarser due to the angle and length at which the hair is shaven off.

Myth: Waxing from a young age will guarantee you will have less hair as an adult

This cannot be guaranteed as everyone’s hair will grow at its own rate, so it is hard to confirm if this is fact or fiction. For some of you lucky ones frequent waxing will reduce the rate at which the hair grows back, however, for some others, this won’t make any difference at all. Waxing is as individual as the body; there are no guarantees or blanket words of wisdom as it is a natural process.

Myth: You should grow out your hair before your appointment

This is one of the most common preconceptions. While it is true you must have grown out some hair for the wax to adhere to; it does not have to be exceptionally long for effective results.

Myth: You shouldn’t wax if you’re pregnant

False. You can still go for a waxing treatment even if you are pregnant there are no risks involved. It is just important to remember that your skin may be a little more sensitive during this time.